Why video content

Tell a more immersive and engaging story about your brand. Make complicated facts easier to understand in a short space of time. Increase purchase intent and brand association. Convey your value or point of difference quickly, professionally and in an entertaining way.

Let the video repeat facts, values or training requirements so you don't have to, especially if you or your team can't be there in person. Create once, play when and wherever you require, this can be great for training and inductions.


People are more likely to watch a short video, then they are to read through a large amount of text



Motion Design/graphics

Motion design (or motion graphics) combine multiple elements of story telling into an engaging viewing experience. These stories are made up of animation, graphic design, typography, illustration. These elements can be combined with film and video content to convey information more easily... think animated infographics. Play the video on the right for some examples.


Visual Effects (VFX)

Visual Effects or VFX - this is basically any computer generated imagery (usually in post production) with the aim being to enhance the film in some way or to achieve things that are difficult, dangerous or not possible to achieve in camera while filming. We tend to see the best, most seamless results when we shoot as much as possible in camera and then enhance the look, feel or element with VFX. The range of VFX capability is almost unlimited, but then usually brought back down to earth by budget and time constraints.


Character animation

Characters can represent people and their values but where they can really shine is representing other brand values that you may want to emphasise such as safety, education, anonymity, health etc. They also allow communications to remain consistent over time or over different campaigns. They become more recognised then people because of this consistency and you don’t have to worry about trying to use the same person each time. When done well they are entertaining and engaging, making inductions, training or "how-to" videos more interesting and memorable for viewers.


Drone Film & Photography

Stand out by adding cinematic production value and a unique perspective with drone footage and photography. Using a drone allows you to film from angles that can be very difficult to achieve otherwise, making your film more interesting and engaging for viewers. Drones are great for capturing large open areas and birds-eye view style shots but they allow for many other styles of shooting and creativity as well.